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Canyoning Roya Valley (Vallée de la Roya)

Canyoning is an activity halfway between hiking, climbing, caving, mountaineering and water sports.
Saint Martin hotel invites you to discover this essential activity in the Maritime Alps and close to our hotel, to the Roya Valley.
Several possibilities canyon descents will be offered according to your level, from beginner to advanced.

Canyon du ruisseau d'Audin (Audin Canyon Creek) Fanghetto, Roya Valley, Maritime Alps..
Ideal for a family, located in a beautiful, easy progression among toboggants and jumps.

Canyon de la Maglia (Maglia Canyon), Breil sur Roya, Roya Valley (Vallée de la Roya), Maritime Alps.
This canyon is inevitably the coolest region, thrills guaranteed !

Canyon de Morgue, Breil sur Roya, Roya Valley (Vallée de la Roya), Maritime Alps.
Canyon comprising a sequence of abseiling from 20 to 60m high to reach the Maglia Canyon. Good for people who have already done the recall.

Canyon de Carleva, Breil sur Roya, Roya Valley (Vallée de la Roya), Maritime Alps.
Canyon in the middle of a very wild vegetation with clear water. Hiking to get to the canyon is recommended to insiders.

Canyon de la Bendola, Saorge, Roya Valley (Vallée de la Roya), Maritime Alps.
Adventure Canyon outsized 2 days! Wild Canyon at 2000 m altitude, comprising not less than 40 abseiling.

Information canyoning Vallée de la Roya: Canyoning Vallée de la Roya.

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