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Fishing in Roya and lakes des merveilles

Come and discover the pleasures of fishing in lakes or rivers on one of the finest courses in the Maritime Alps, in the upper valley of the Roya (haute Vallée de la Roya).

Fishing in river Vallée de la Roya

The practice of fishing in deep water will be primarily on La Roya, river with its source in France to Tende and fell in Ventimiglia, Italy.
Roya is ranked among the the first class rivers where an exceptional amount of wild brown trout are there!
60 km long, crossing five towns in France (Tende, La Brigue, Fontan, Saorge and Breil-sur-Roya) including nineteen tributaries to the edge of the lakes of the Vallée des Merveilles and the Parc du Mercantour, this river gives you a multitude of sites to discover.
Possibility of trying "no kill" courses in which the practice of sport fishing and conservation of aquatic fauna coexist.

« The fish that you put in the water is a gift you made another fisherman,
as it is maybe a gift that another fisherman brought you».
Tips for fishing in the valley of the Roya: Fishing in Roya.

Mountain lakes fishing Mercantour Park (Parc du Mercantour)

Discover beautiful landscapes ranging from the discovery of lakes and streams of the Mercantour National Park.
2 options available to you:
- Feasible route in one day: discovery of Lac des Grenouilles or de la Minière (Castérino and Mesches), with quick access to the lake (1 hour walk).
- Course advised on two days: walking approach 4 hours minimum to reach the beautiful lakes of the Valley of Wonders. A dozen lakes, the best known, Lac Long, Lac Fourca, Lac Saorgine, Lac de la Muta and Lac Carbon.
This diversity will allow you to try out different techniques.

How to obtain a fishing license
Fishing card via internet
Directly or through the Tourist Office in La Brigue, which is close to the hotel.

AAPPMA of Vallée de la Roya: M. Louis Comanducci - +33 (0)6 25 80 84 48

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